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Pistoia - Tuscany

On Friday May 26 I had the great pleasure to sing a concert of Beethoven 9 in Pistoia/ Tuscany. What a wonderful concert in Teatro Manzoni - Pistoia being the 2017 Cultural Capital of Italy has put up a series of events and especially that weekend with a series of more than 25 events called "Dialoghi sull' Uomo" - the city was quite packed as you can imagine. I was very happy to also have a chance to get to know yet another for me unknown place. Pistoia with its great duomo and battistero, its ringwalls (the outer ringwall being still almost complete) is a fascinating place offering great cultural highlights with its inhabitants being super friendly. I stayed in a nice palazzo - with quite a picturesque setting in a tower and just had a great time. So - if you are travelling on Autostrada 11 between Florence and Lucca; do dare to take a stop in Pistoia.